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Summer Improv Party!

Cabaret Boom Chicago, Rozengracht 117, amsterdam 20.30 uur

22.00 14.35 Uitverkocht

In het kort

Come watch the next generation of comedy superstars ​before they get too big for you to afford their shows! This is the stage that launched Seth Meyers and Amber Ruffin (​Late Nite with Seth Meyers​), Jordan Peele (​Key and Peele​, ​Get Out​), Ike Barinholtz (Blockers​, ​Suicide Squad, The Mindy Project​), Kay Cannon (​Blockers​, ​Pitch Perfect, Girlboss​), and many others. Boom Chicago alumni write for Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, How I Met your Mother, 30 Rock, Girls, ​Broke Girls ​and someday perhaps a show called Girls Who Are a Few Days Late with the Rent.

22.00 14.35 Uitverkocht