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Film Premiere of 'Forget to Die' by Mike Lasoff

Film Badhuistheater, Boerhaaveplein 28, Amsterdam 20.00 uur

8.00 5.70 Uitverkocht

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World premiere screening, English with DUTCH subtitles. Forget to Die is Mike Lasoff's 4th film to be premiered in Mike's Badhuistheater. About his films Lasoff has said, “I only wish to make films true to myself that will catch the imagination of the public.” In Mike's Badhuistheater on Friday the 14th of September.


Nearing retirement, criminal detective Ray Hammond investigates Dr. Udo Geisner, an occult guru suspected of multiple killings and perhaps planning to liquidate Ray's capricious wife, Sheila. An unexpected tipoff leads Ray to a baffling violent encounter thrusting him down a path of aberrations, memory loss, and inner demons. Determined to crack the case Ray risks losing his own mental stability. Short biography After being a successful professional painter all his life, European-based American Michael Lasoff turned to filmmaking in 2011. The scripts and most of the music scores are his own creations. In 2013, he made his first feature film followed by three more that have been awarded and shown around the world. His fourth "Forget to Die" will premiere at Mike's Badhuistheater in Amsterdam September 14, 2018.

8.00 5.70 Uitverkocht